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April 10 2015

3d bedding products become new selling point in bed sets market

Duvet covers
March 29, 2015-America-Recently, the 3D movies and 3D TV are not such new stuff but the newly 3d bedding sets could totally impress each people��s eyesight. By the photos that provides by famous luxury duvet covers seller designer-bedding.com, people could find that those figures and flowers printed on the bedding are vivid and some even really have the three-dimensional feeling. That should be the most ecstasy thing for each housewife.

Although people could not find such 3D commodity in those major shopping malls, the online shopping malls for this product are varied. In a lot of online shopping platform, 3D bedding sets have been placed in prominent positions of the propaganda page. Totally, this newly bedding product which give people three-dimensional visual feeling are very hot selling. The material of the 3D bedding should be mainly the pure cotton, polyester fiber, polyester and blends and the price are also varied as the different materials.

��During this year, we mainly promote our 3D bedding sheets and we just want to let everyone have good sleep feeling at night.�� said by the famous 3d bed sets online seller designer-bedding.com. Their product typically uses active 3D printing process and the active dye gene and fiber molecules will form a bond during the process of printing. This will make dyes and fibers form a whole unit and then it will not do any harm to people��s health. On the other hand, it will also produce the three-dimensional visually feeling and that is why this product could be called the 3D bedding sheets.

However, this kind of 3D bedding sets which have been sold on the internet also have very big difference. In that case, people should remember to first choose a good online seller such as www.designer-bedding.com.

About designer-bedding.com

We mainly manufacture bedding set, comforter pillow and so on. Main products are: 3d cotton bedding set, cartoon kids bedding duvet. cover set. luxury silk Jacquard bed set. Our designer 3d bedding set has been exported to more than 100 countries around the world.

Website: www.designer-bedding.com

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